Siemens Resident Engineer

Smyrna, TN

Posted: 05/01/2019 Employment Type: Contract Job Industry: Automotive Job Number: 19-00985
Start Date: August 2019 (training beginning in late May/early June)
Length of Job: 17 months
Expenses: Yes    
Skills Required/Details:
  • The Resident Engineer will be working on a new Nissan vehicle launch
  • Training prior to arriving at the Nissan plant in Smyrna, TN will be required
    • The training will take place in Nuremberg, Germany and is estimated to take 6-8 weeks
Siemens Resident Engineer Responsibilities are but not limited to the following areas:
1. Check program
  1. SIDIS management
  2. Client release
  3. plant adoption
  4. creation
  5. modification
  6. optimization/ refine in-plant test requirements
  7. quality improvements
  8. testing
  9. Track and report issues to Nissan
2. Secondary input data SIDIS download, SIDIS management, Client release, plant adoption
  1. Secondary data would include
  2. DTC List *
  3. DTC List Filter/MASK*
  4. Las List
  5. Configuration
  7. Component table
  8. ECOS table ( Renault security table for ECU' s)
3. Siemens SIDIS PRO overall Server Application /Admin client/ MAC Application/ VED Application support
  1. Client release
  2. Debug
  3. Application Communication
  4. Plant adoption
  5. Management
  6. Track and report issues to Nissan and Siemens
4. Manage Update/Upgrades to Siemens SIDIS application
5. Ensure plant software and hardware readiness in order to meet New Model and current model Development milestones
6. Test and evaluate Siemens SIDIS-Pro Software application changes
7. Provide " 24-hour” remote emergency support for plant hardware and/or software issues
8. Perform annual calibration and certification for the Siemens tools, software applications
9. Gather debug information and provide trend analysis for troubleshooting vehicle build and test issues
10.Analysis of vehicle logs and vehicle results for concerns and improvement to but not limited to
  1. Check program improvements, upgrade, limitations and reference item 1 for an additional responsibility
  2. Secondary input data improvements, upgrade, limitations and reference item 2 for an additional responsibility
  3. SIDIS PRO improvements, upgrade, limitations and reference item 3 for an additional responsibility
  4. Siemens Web administrative client improvements, upgrade, limitations and reference item 3 for an additional responsibility
11. Track test issues throughout the testing, development and usage of the Siemens system process
12. Support/ lead teaching to Nissan technicians for Siemens system changes that directly affect the Technician.
13. Create training manuals, not covered by existing Siemens Manuals
14. Support in-plant equipment maintenance for Siemens products
15. Support internal Nissan Smyrna departments outside in Process Engineering
16. Siemens Resident Engineer should be window person for between Nissan and Siemens (Germany)
17. Siemens Resident engineer will be Siemens Certified for repairing all Siemens Hardware.
18. Siemens Resident engineer will take part in vehicle investigations for Communication issues.
19. Siemens will supply the resident Engineer with a mobile phone, so that plant engineering and some mfg. Personal direct contact
20. Siemens Resident Engineer is required to provide a daily summary of the day' s events, changes, progress, etc. To a process engineering manager and selected Process engineers.
21. Siemens Resident Engineer should act as a Project Manager for the Siemens SIDIS system

Matt Dahlgren
Account Executive

Matt started with Contract Professionals, Inc. in November 2014. He began as a Technical Recruiter assigned to the automotive team. He worked hand in hand with account managers, to spearhead specific projects with CPI's clients. Driven to succeed, Matt achieved his goal(s) within the first year. He continued working on accounts and he learned the leadership process throughout his 4-year career at CPI.

When the opportunity presented itself, he was promoted to Account Manager of the automotive division. He navigates the challenges in this new role by utilizing the senior staff in the office.

Matt was awarded a Bachelor of Art in Environmental Studies at University of Michigan. Matt also received an Associate degree in Automotive Mechanics from a local community college.

Matt is thriving as a new Account Manager at CPI, and he looks forward to the challenges that await him in the workforce solutions industry.

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